COVID-19 Information

How you can take action:

Testing Sites in the Greater Milwaukee Area:

At Home Testing Kits

Place your order for free at-home COVID-19 tests here.

  • Residential households in the US can order one set of 4 free at-home tests via the USPS.

  • Limit of one order per residential address.


  • Vaccines are free and you do NOT need insurance to receive them

  • You should have three doses for your best protection against the Omicron variant

  • Everyone ages 16 & up is eligible for a booster

    • Pfizer- 5 months after second dose

    • Moderna- 6 months after second dose

    • J&J- 2 months after initial dose

  • On January 3, 2022, boosters were authorized for ages 12 and up. Watch for more information about the timeline for these boosters to be available.

    • The CDC authorized a booster for immunocompromised children ages 5-11 on January 4, 2022.

  • If you had the J&J initially, you should get an mRNA booster

  • Find an appointment near you:


  • Don’t take your mask off just because you’re alone. COVID can linger for hours in the air, so just because you’re alone in the bathroom, elevator, stairwell, etc. doesn’t mean you should take off your mask.

Air Purifiers:

COVID is airborne, so one of the most important things we can do is ensure we are breathing clean air. Look for True HEPA filters with no add-ons. (Ionization features can create harmful ozone and UV can degrade the filters faster.)

Where to find reliable information:

Wisconsin Department of Health Services:

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene Variant Sequencing Data


Here is a diverse list of accounts to follow, or visit, if you’re looking for accurate and reliable information about the pandemic.

Don’t have Twitter? No problem, you can still Google them and read their tweets.

  • Journalists:

    • Ed Yong @edyong209

    • Abdullah Shihipar @AShihipar

  • Virologists:

    • Brian Hjelle @hjelle_brian

    • Peter Hotez @PeterHotez

    • Aris Katzourakis @ArisKatzourakis

  • Immunologists:

    • Anthony Leonardi @fitterhappierAJ

    • Michael Mina @michaelmina_lab

    • Akiko Iwasaki @VirusesImmunity

  • Doctors/Public Health/Epidemiologists:

    • Theresa Chapple @Theresa_Chapple

    • Julia Raifman @JuliaRaifman

    • Gavin Yamey @GYamey

    • Arrianna Marie Planey @Arrianna_Planey

    • Lucky Tran @luckytran

    • Jorge Caballero @DataDrivenMD

    • Michael Osterholm @mtosterholm

    • Eric Topol @EricTopol

    • Noor Bari @NjbBari3

    • Zoe Hyde @DrZoeHyde

    • Ellie Murray @EpiEllie

    • Carolyn Cannuscio @CarolynCannu

  • Engineers/IAQ/Aerosol Experts:

    • Kimberly Prather @kprather88

    • Jose-Luis Jimenez @jljcolorado (regularly tweets in Spanish as well as English)

    • Richard Corsi @CorsIAW

    • Alex Huffman @HuffmanLabDU

    • Marwa Zaatari @marwa_zaatari

  • Masks:

    • Lazarus Long @LazarusLong13

    • Nicolas Smit @PPEtoheros

    • Trisha Greenhalgh @trishgreenhalgh

    • Aaron Collins @masknerd

  • Long COVID:

    • Nisreen Alwan @Dr2NisreenAlwan

    • Laura Miers @LauraMiers

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